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Gazzang now supports Postgres for ezNcrypt

Posted on 2011-11-09

Gazzang, Inc., the company securing data in the cloud, today announced availability of packaged support for PostgreSQL 8.x and 9.x open source databases in its ezNcrypt flagship data security platform. The release adds Gazzang’s Transparent Data Encryption for PostgreSQL to existing support for MySQL databases, and is now available for download.

Gazzang ezNcrypt for Databases enables customers to protect, encrypt and provide key management for open source databases using transparent data encryption features traditionally reserved for more expensive, complex commercial databases. The solution installs within minutes, providing out-of-the-box data protection that eliminates the need for costly, complex changes to databases and applications, and leveraging an advanced key management system where the keys are never stored on the same server with the data to be encrypted.

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