Extension : credcheck, to enforce username and password checks in PostgreSQL

Posted on 2021-07-06 by MigOps
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MigOps is pleased to announce the release of the Extension : credcheck to enforce username and password standards in PostgreSQL.

Following are some of the standards implemented with this extension.

  • username_min_length & password_min_length
  • username_min_special & password_min_special
  • username_min_digit & password_min_digit
  • username_min_upper & password_min_upper
  • username_min_lower & password_min_lower
  • username_min_repeat & password_min_repeat
  • username_contain_password & password_contain_username
  • username_contain & password_contain
  • username_not_contain & password_not_contain
  • username_ignore_case & password_ignore_case

You can download the source code from here.

For more details on this extension, please read the article here.

For any feedback on this extension or trouble with this extension, please contact us.