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EMS PostgreSQL Manager 2.8 Released

Posted on 2005-01-28

EMS HiTech company is pleased to announce PostgreSQL Manager 2.8 -- the next version of the powerful PostgreSQL administration and development tool!

You can download the latest version and user's guide from


What's new in version 2.8?

  1. Function editor. Now you can run functions and get their results right from the editor.

  2. SQL Editor. We have implemented the ability of viewing query plan without need to run it. New options to receive the plan added: Verbose and Analyze.

  3. We have added support for partial indices.

  4. Create table form. We have improved editing abilities in the fields' grid.

  5. DB Explorer. Now when creating an object, the current schema from DB Explorer is selected as its schema.

  6. Grid. Sometimes minutes from date/time fields were saved incorrectly. The problem is solved.

  7. SQL Editor. For queries returning incomplete field set, updating a record could cause incorrect results. Fixed now.

  8. Sometimes when renaming indices an incorrect script was generated. The bug is fixed.

  9. Shortcuts for tabs didn't work. Now it is solved.

  10. Print Data table view. Defining column width worked only with 'Get column's width from Grid View' option checked. Fixed now.

  11. Solved the problem with not restoring the state of the main form's window when running the program.

  12. SQL Editor. A number of error messages arose after selecting another database and then changing the window size. Fixed now.

  13. When running the program you couldn't shut down Windows. The bug is fixed.

  14. Database Registration Info. Fixed bug with 'ISO-xxx' client encoding values that didn't work correctly.

  15. In the DB Explorer context menu the 'Drop Database' item was always disabled. Now it is solved.

  16. To-Do List. Fixed the bug with a second copy of an item appeared when editing it.

  17. A column with the dot symbol in its name now can be deleted.

  18. Visual Database Designer. Resize the border of a table and click on empty space below fields caused access violation error. The bug is fixed.

  19. Some other minor improvements and bug fixes.

What is PostgreSQL Manager?

EMS PostgreSQL Manager is a powerful graphical tool for PostgreSQL administration and development. It makes creating and editing PostgreSQL database objects easy and fast, and allows you to run SQL scripts, manage users and their privileges, build SQL queries visually, extract, print and search metadata, export data to 14 available formats and import them from most popular formats, view and edit BLOB fields, and many more...

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We hope you'll like our products.

Thank you for your attention.

Best Regards,

EMS HiTech Team


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