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EMS DB Comparer for PostgreSQL version 3.0 released

Posted on 2007-10-22

EMS Database Management Solutions are pleased to announce the new version of EMS DB Comparer for PostgreSQL, an excellent tool for database comparison and synchronization.

What’s new in DB Comparer version 3.0?

  • Major improvements in comparing engine, now comparing process uses object dependencies information. The synchronization process needs much fewer manual operations.

  • Redesign of User interface: Now the application is more friendly and easy in use.

  • Utility source code significantly optimized, work speed increased. Databases comparison is much faster now.

  • Now the schema vs schema comparison is available. You can compare and synchronize schemas of different databases as well as on a single database.

  • Advanced filtering capabilities when selecting objects to compare/synchronize. Now you can exclude separate objects or object groups from comparison and synchronization.

  • New improved SQL Editor.

  • Improved SSH Tunneling: Added SSH private key authentication, Separate SSH connections to different servers.

  • Ability to save and print reports of databases differences. You can use built-in reports or create your own.

  • Latest SQL server version support.

  • Other bug-fixes and improvements.

EMS DB Comparer for PostgreSQL version 3.0 is now available and can be downloaded from the SQLmanager web site.

We hope you'll enjoy working with EMS products!

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