Elephant Shed 1.2 released

Posted on 2018-05-27 by credativ GmbH
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The Elephant Shed PostgreSQL Appliance bundles and integrates proven components, required for easy management of a PostgreSQL server. Proven tools for all relevant aspects are already preinstalled and preconfigured. The majority of these tools can be controlled via a comfortable web interface. Even experienced PostgreSQL administrators will hardly find an area not covered by Elephant Shed PostgreSQL appliance.

New in version 1.2 is support for Ubuntu Bionic (18.04), next to the existing support for Debian Stretch (9). Both distributions are fully supported on the amd64 (x86_64) and ppc64el (IBM POWER) architectures.

For version 1.2, the Grafana dashboard was overhauled based on user feedback. Multiple PostgreSQL clusters per machine are now distinguished using the cluster name such as "10/main". All metrics panels feature proper units, i.e. axes are now labeled "bytes per second" or "operations per minute". Grafana was updated to version 5.

The Prometheus timeseries database was updated to version 2, yielding better performance and more compact storage. Unfortunately, the storage format is not compatible, so old monitoring data is not preserved.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • prometheus-sql-exporter autodetection of PostgreSQL clusters and databases rewritten, more stable
  • Prometheus uses host name and cluster name in timeseries labels
  • prometheus-node-exporter upgraded to version 0.15
  • pgBadger log_line_prefix handling fixed

Elephant Shed is an open source project hosted on GitHub. Feedback and contributions are welcome! For the Elephant Shed PostgreSQL appliance, credativ offers comprehensive technical support with service level agreements, which are also available on 365 days a year and 24 hours a day as an option.