DynamoDB fdw 1.0.0 released

Posted on 2021-11-02 by Toshiba
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DynamoDB FDW 1.0.0 is newly released.

We have just newly released Foreign Data Wrapper for DynamoDB.

This release can work with PostgreSQL 13. This FDW is implemented in C language with AWS C ++ library. This release supports following features :

  • Support SELECT feature to get data from DynamoDB. DynamoDB FDW supports selecting columns or nested attribute object by using -> or ->> jsonb operator.
  • Support INSERT feature.
  • Support UPDATE feature.
  • Support DELETE feature.
  • Support push down WHERE clause (including nested attribute object).
  • Support push down function SIZE of DynamoDB.

This is developed by Toshiba Software Engineering & Technology Center. Please see the repository for details.

Source repository : https://github.com/pgspider/dynamodb_fdw

Best Regards, Shigeo Hirose

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