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DreamCoder for PostgreSQL ver 2.4 released

Posted on 2010-04-08

Mentat Technologies announces the release of DreamCoder for PostgreSQL 2.4, a powerful Windows GUI solution for PostgreSQL administration and database development.

This new version includes more than 10 new features and improvements over the previous version.

New features :

* SSH tunneling enhanced

* Enhanced connection with some versions of SSH server

* Enhanced Query builder

SQL & Stored procedure editor:

* Alias support bug fixed

* Auto replace option bug fixed

* New highlight options

* Enhanced editor works formating

* Enhanced syntax highlight

* Enhanced SQL editor

Others :

* Other small improvements and bug fixes

The new version is immediately available at: http://www.sqldeveloper.net/database-tools/products/download-center.html

Hope you will enjoy working with our software!


Mentat Technologies

Database Management and Development Solutions

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