Devart Rolled Out New dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL v.2.3

Posted on 2020-08-13 by Devart
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Devart released a new version of dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL v.2.3. The IDE features massive improvements in its Script Generator, SQL Formatter, and Query Profiler.

Devart, a recognized vendor of professional database management software for developers and DBAs, launched dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL v2.3. The updated solution got huge improvements in its built-in script generation and formatting features, as well as an improved visual PostgreSQL query analyzer.

The new version includes the following enhancements:

  • Script Generator Improvements. The vendor added new options for script generation. Generate Script as: CREATE SEQUENCE, DROP\CREATE TABLE, CREATE INDEX, DROP and CREATE for all Source Objects.
  • SQL Formatter Improvements. In the new version of dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL, the SQL Formatter was updated to work with the following statements: CREATE TRIGGER, CREATE INDEX, CREATE SEQUENCE, CREATE TABLE, CREATE VIEW, CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW, PROCEDURE\FUNCTION.
  • Query Profiler Improvements. Now users can get a plan of any query without actually running it. This can help with graphical analysis and further improvement of high-cost queries.

dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL is a GUI tool for database development and management. This IDE for PostgreSQL allows users to create, develop and execute queries, edit and adjust the code to specific requirements in a convenient and user-friendly interface.

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