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Devart Lightweight Database Drivers Speed Up Working with PostgreSQL!

Posted on 2011-03-14

Devart Team is glad to present a new versions of dbExpress product - a lightweight database driver for fast access to PostgreSQL databases.

dbExpress from Devart is a database-independent layer that defines common interface to provide fast access to SQL database servers. For each supported server, dbExpress provides a driver as an independent library that implements the common dbExpress interfaces for processing queries and stored procedures.

As data-access layer is thin and simple, dbExpress provides high performance database connectivity and is easy to deploy. Devart dbExpress drivers can be used in the same way as the ones supplied by Embarcadero.

New version of dbExpress driver from Devart offers you the following improvements:

Performance of working with PostgreSQL is highly improved.

Pricing and Availability

Devart dbExpress drivers have extremely flexible pricing. The Single license price starts from $99.95, and you can always choose the type of license that matches your needs best.

You can try the new version of dbExpress driver here:

  • dbExpress driver 1.40 for PostgreSQL


About Devart

Devart is a software development company with 11 years of experience on the software market and over 20 thousands of devoted users.

We specialize in providing native connectivity solutions as well as comprehensive development and management tools for the most popular databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Firebird, and SQLite.

For additional information about Devart, visit www.devart.com/company/.

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