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DBD::Pg 1.49 released

Posted on 2006-05-08

Version 1.49 of DBD::Pg has been released. This version adds support for the ParamTypes statment handle attribute, and fixes a small bug in ParamValues. It strips the final newline (as it did before) from error messages, so that Perl's die will report the line number of the error. It fixes an error that was causing $dbh->state() to not get set properly in some edge cases. Finally, it adds the ability to quote and bind the geometric types POINT, LINE, LSEG, BOX, PATH, POLYGON, and CIRCLE.

CPAN location:


MD5 checksum:

76b9d6a2f4cbaefcba23380f83998215 DBD-Pg-1.49.tar.gz

SHA1 checksum:

37c1c37a02afa00d48f8dd739d5d8502a7c40045 DBD-Pg-1.49.tar.gz

Remember to do a cpansign -v before you run the Makefile.PL (see Module::Signature for more info)

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