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DBD::Pg 1.44 released

Posted on 2006-02-22

Version 1.44 of DBD::Pg, the Perl DBI interface to PostgreSQL, has been released:


This will be one of the last versions that supports PostgreSQL 7.3. If you are using that, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the 8.x series.

This version has many changes and bug fixes. Some of the more notable enhancements include:

* Allow data types to be specified in dbh->quote() calls.

* Full support for "dollar-sign" quoting.

* Complete rewrite and optimization of the do() method, which now runs much quicker if placeholders are not used.

The complete list can be found in the "Changes" file linked to from the above URL.

This version also uses a SIGNATURE file, which requires the use of Module::Signature. It is highly recommended that you verify your installation this way.

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