DBConvert Streams v0.5.0 released.

Posted on 2022-12-01 by Slotix s.r.o.
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Slotix s.r.o. is pleased to announce the first public release of DBConvert Streams v0.5.0.

DBConvert Streams (DBS) is an event-driven data replication platform for database administrators who require zero downtime database migration and continuous data replication as workloads move to the clouds and more data needs to be transferred.

DBS source readers use Change Data Capture (CDC) technology to respond in real time to all data changes in a particular source table or the entire database.

Multiple instances of DBS target writers running in parallel speed up the whole process and improve overall performance.

DBConvert Streams can automatically convert DDL CREATE Table statements between MySQL and PostgreSQL. Thus, there is no need to worry about manual type conversion of MySQL and Postgres databases.

DBS Binaries are available for the following operating Systems and Architectures:

  • Linux/ amd64,
  • Linux/ arm64
  • macOS/ amd64
  • Windows/ amd64

Supported Databases:

  • PostgreSQL,
  • CockroachDB
  • MySQL,
  • MariaDB

It's easy to install and run DBConvert Streams with the provided lightweight Docker containers and simple docker-compose configuration. So there is no need to scatter binaries and other artifacts around the host system.