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DB Comparer 2006 ver. 2.2 released

Posted on 2006-10-04

What's new in DB Comparer 2006 version 2.2?

  • The opportunity to connect through SSH/HTTP tunnel added.

  • The ability to filter analyzed objects using regular expressions added. This allows to analyze only objects you need and increases the speed of comparing and analyzing processes.

  • Visual representation of definition differences implemented. Now it is clearly understandable which lines of objects definitions differ.

  • The 'Hide identical objects' option added. This option allows to hide identical objects in DB Tree.

  • Large databases are now compared faster.

  • Ability to refresh different types of objects separately implemented. This is helpful when you synchronize databases in step-by-step style.

  • Toolbar with list of working windows is added to main window.

  • The 'Synchronize databases after comparing in console mode' option added. This project option allows to run console application in synchronization mode by default (without defining /E option).

  • The 'Fill Table View on load' option added. This option allows to increase the speed of comparing process and decrease memory usage.

  • The ability to set the default directories for grid exports and reports storage added.

  • No more delays occur while navigating DB Tree with large databases.

  • Passwords were not saved correctly in some cases. Fixed now.

  • Procedures were not compared correctly in some cases. Fixed now.

  • Functions were not compared correctly in some cases. Fixed now.

  • Sometimes an error occurred while refreshing databases. Fixed now.

  • The ‘Group by schemas’ option added. This option allows to group objects in DB Tree by schema/owner (SQL Server).

  • Procedures containing differences in their parameters were not synchronized correctly. Fixed now. (SQL Server).

  • UDFs were compared incorrectly. Fixed now (SQL Server).

  • The ability to compare two schemas (including the schemas of the same database) added (PostgreSQL).

  • Functions containing differences in their return types were not synchronized correctly. Fixed now (PostgreSQL).

  • Altering procedures scripts were generated incorrectly. Fixed now (IB/FB).

  • Views were compared with error. Fixed now (IB/FB).

  • Other minor improvements and small bug-fixes.


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