Datasentinel 2024.04 released

Posted on 2024-04-30 by Datasentinel
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We're pleased to announce that the latest edition of Datasentinel for PostgreSQL is now available

Role Based Access Enhancement

Administrators can now assign multiple roles to Datasentinel users either directly through the UI or programmatically via the API. This enhancement significantly simplifies user management, especially in large-scale environments with hundreds of PostgreSQL instances.

Datasentinel 2024 Updates

Datasentinel's 2024 updates include full compatibility with PostgreSQL 16 and the introduction of I/O Insights, a new feature that uses the pg_stat_io view to provide detailed I/O metrics. Additionally, we have enhanced our agentless service startup, ensuring quicker launch times and improved performance. This is particularly beneficial in large-instance environments during system boots or post-upgrade reboots. Together, these enhancements further bolster Datasentinel's robust PostgreSQL monitoring capabilities

Refer to Release Notes for more details.

Datasentinel team