Datasentinel 2023.07 Released

Posted on 2023-09-12 by Datasentinel
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We're pleased to announce that the latest edition of Datasentinel for PostgreSQL is now available

Refreshed Documentation for Effortless Navigation and Search

Our documentation has been completely rewritten. The new structure not only allows for easier navigation but also integrates an AI-powered search engine to help you find answers to your questions more efficiently than ever. Experience Our Enhanced Documentation

Enhanced Provider Selection Functionality

Choosing a database provider has just become a walk in the park. We've added the option to select from a predefined list of values, simplifying your configuration steps.

We are pleased to introduce Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres as a new provider option when you're configuring a new instance.

Datasentinel seamlessly integrates with all PostgreSQL clusters, beginning with version 9.4. Our platform extends this compatibility to include all major cloud-managed PostgreSQL databases as well as a all major PostgreSQL-compatible databases.

Visual Tweaks for Easier Navigation

To top it off, we've enriched our user interface by displaying the provider icon alongside each relevant PG instance in the Datasentinel navigation panel.

Refer to Release Notes for more details.

About Datasentinel

Datasentinel is a cutting-edge platform designed to provide users with a streamlined and comprehensive visualization of their PostgreSQL environment.

Precisely analyze the activity of your clusters, receive notifications in case of issues, and quickly identify your most resource-intensive processes, among many other essential features.

Our solution stands out for its easy deployment and quick onboarding, allowing you to monitor the performance of one to several hundred instances, whether they are hosted on-premises, in private, public, hybrid clouds, or in containers.

Discover the full capabilities of Datasentinel by exploring our Key Features or dive into the experience firsthand on our Live Demo site .

Datasentinel is a commercial software and has a Free Trial.

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