Database Lab Engine 2.5: better data extraction for logical mode and configuration improvements

Posted on 2021-09-17 by
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About Database Lab Engine

The Database Lab Engine (DLE) is an experimentation platform for PostgreSQL databases, distributed under an open-source license (AGPLv3). The DLE instantly creates full-size thin clones of your production database. With these clones, you can:

  • test database migrations
  • optimize SQL queries
  • deploy full-size staging applications

The Database Lab Engine can generate thin clones for any size database, eliminating the hours (or days!) required to create “thick” database copies using conventional methods. Thin clones are independent, fully writable, and will behave identically to production: they will have the same data and generate the same query plans.

Learn more about the Database Lab Engine and sign up for an account for an automated demo at

DLE 2.5

DLE 2.5 significantly expands the capabilities of automatic preparation of snapshots directly from managed database services, as well as from logical dumps, namely:

  • restoring of multiple databases
  • various pg_dump output formats and file compression formats

Since version 2.5, it becomes possible to reset the clone's database state to a specific snapshot if multiple snapshots are available. See DLE CLI reference. There is also a new option for the reset command, --latest, that allows resetting to the latest available state not knowing the snapshot name. This can be very useful in situations when a clone lives long, occupying a specific port, and some applications (e.g., analytical tools) are configured to work with it – users can periodically switch to the freshest database state without a need to reconfigure their applications.

All new restore features are also already available in the Terraform module (currently works with AWS only).

Additionally, this release has a lot of improvements and fixes. Read the full changelog.