Database Lab Engine 2.1.0 released

Posted on 2021-01-02 by
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Database Lab Engine is an open-source tool for building powerful development and testing environments based on thin cloning of PostgreSQL databases. Using Database Lab open-source CLI or API (and if you are using Database Lab SaaS, proprietary GUI), on a single machine with, say, a 1 TiB disk, you can easily create and destroy dozens of database copies of size 1 TiB each. All these copies are independently modifiable and created/destroyed in just a few seconds. This can become a game-changer in your development and testing workflow, improving time-to-market, and reducing costs of your non-production infrastructure.

In version 2.1 contains numerous improvements. Main new features are:

  • Better data protection and security:
    • robust configuration defining how data is patched when snapshots are automatically created (both shell and SQL scripts are now supported),
    • new option: preserve passwords for the existing DB users.
  • [experimental] DLE API and the CLI tool are extended to have a new feature: “CI Observer” helping control DB schema changes a.k.a. DB migrations (see CLI reference, watch demo). This is a small step towards the big goal: have 100% coverage for testing DB migrations in CI using full-sized thin clones.


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