24th September 2020: PostgreSQL 13 Released!

Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.2.5 released

Posted on 2008-10-01

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Full changelog:

[!] Support for roles added

[+] Ability to clear Output information (Check, Generation, Reverse) added

[+] Create Database Wizard allows tablespaces to be created before database now

[+] Create Role option added to Database Generation dialog

[+] FILLFACTOR storage parameter added for table

[+] User Type and Domain selection tab added to Database Generation dialog

[+] Views can be defined Temporary from now

[*] According to PostgreSQL standard schema definition for temporary tables is not available anymore

[*] Only B-tree indexes can be declared unique now in the Table Editor

[-] "Bits index out of range" bug fixed

[-] "CREATE DATABASE cannot be executed from a function or multi-command string" bug in New Database Wizard fixed

[-] "Designer doesn't save schema information for domains ans UDTs" bug fixed

[-] "Fit To Screen do nothing" bug fixed

[-] "Generate Database ignores Enclose Names option when building FOREIGN KEY constraint statements" bug fixed

[-] "Length and Decimals options are not editable for array column types (char[], numeric[] etc.)" bug fixed

[-] "Length option is ignored for bit and interval column types in CREATE TABLE statement" bug fixed

[-] "Modify Database generate broken ALTER TABLE for tablespace changing" bug fixed

[-] "Modify Database recreates table constraints without necessity" bug fixed

[-] "Non-standard Report styles have incorrectly displayed table headers" bug fixed

[-] "Not all objects are refreshed after View -> Redisplay executed" bug fixed

[-] "Paste object from another model may create it outside draw area" bug fixed

[-] "Redo\Undo of Reference changes may cause "Invalid class" error" bug fixed

[-] "Select All from context menu doesn't select tables" bug fixed

[-] "Select All selects only references" bug fixed

[-] "Show Reference Join option value is not properly loaded from model file" bug fixed

[-] "Stamp model version info is not updated after Save if 'Auto-increment version on save' option checked" bug fixed

[-] "Tablespace name is not quoted in CREATE TABLESPACE statement" bug fixed

[-] "Temprorary Table On Commit action is not saved in model file" bug fixed

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