24th September 2020: PostgreSQL 13 Released!

Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.2.4 released

Posted on 2008-06-20

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Full changelog:

[!] Support for enumerated data types added

[+] "Backup DB tables before modify" option added to Modify Dialog

[+] "Show object icons" option added to Display Preferences

[+] COST option support for Stored Routines added

[+] Export supports splitting into pages now

[+] FILLFACTOR storage parameter added for index

[+] IF EXISTS clause option for DROP statements added in Database Generation

[+] Progress indication and interrupt ability added for Export functionality

[+] Repair Model functionality added

[+] ROWS option support for Stored Routines added

[+] Table, stored routine, view comments; rules and triggers information added to report generation

[*] SQL Executor parser (validator) is PostgreSQL 8.3.x grammar compatible now

[-] "Access Violation when Check Diagram" bug fixed

[-] "Can't declare SECURITY INVOKER permissions for stored routine" bug fixed

[-] "Comments are missing in Stored Routine editor Preview tab" bug fixed

[-] "Duplicate function in Table Editor creates objects (columns, indexes, constraints) with equal unique identifier" bug fixed

[-] "Reference label color loaded incorrectly from model file" bug fixed

[-] "Relation mismatch after Save" bug fixed

[-] "String started with more then two dashes not treated as correct SQL comment" bug fixed

[-] "Table columns may get incorrect IDs during Reverse Engineering" bug fixed

[-] "Trailing semicolon (;) missed in domain comment statement" bug fixed

[-] "Trailing semicolon (;) missed in user type comment statement" bug fixed

[-] "Validate function of SQL Executor returns wrong result sometimes" bug fixed

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