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DA-SOFT AnyDAC 3.0.1 released

Posted on 2010-05-20

* AnyDAC home - http://www.anydac.net

* AnyDAC trial - http://www.da-soft.com/anydac/download.html

Version Highlights


* Added unified support for the DBMS events (Firebird, Interbase, SQLite, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase SQL Anywhere).

* Improved and new online documentation.

* Improved design time support.

* TADSQliteIniFile addon (SQLite based registry).

* Virtual Storage Engine addon (decode BLOB into set of fields, eg XML BLOB -> set of attribute fields).

And more.

AnyDAC for Delphi


AnyDAC is a unique set of universal Data Access Components for developing cross-database applications on CodeGear Delphi, C++Builder and Free Pascal. With its powerful common rchitecture

AnyDAC enables native high-speed access to all major database systems.

AnyDAC Core Features


* Native access to PostgreSQL, Firebird, MySQL, SQLite, MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, InterBase and more.

* Generic access to any database supported through Embarcadero DbExpress and ODBC data sources.

* Unified API for access to cross-database features.

* First-class support for many database-specific features.

* Unique ADO.NET-like data engine for Win32.

* Optimized for best possible performance.

* Advanced Data Access Options.

* Full support for international applications, including full Unicode support in Delphi 2009 and later.

* Cross-platform support though Free Pascal (FPC).

* Perfect integration as back-end driver for RemObjects Data Abstract, Fast Report, C4D kbmMW and more.

AnyDAC Natively Supported Databases


* Enterprise - Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2.

* Workgroup - Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, SQL Anywhere, Advatage DS.

* Desktop - SQLite, MS Access, BlackFish SQL, MS SQL CE.

* Embedded - SQLite, Firebird Embedded, MySQL Embedded.

* Bridges - DbExpress, ODBC.


With best regards,

DA-SOFT Technologies Team


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