Cybertec releases OLAP cubes for PostgreSQL

Posted on 2006-10-02

High-Performance OLAP cubes

High-performance cubes are a modern way to represent large sets of aggregated information.

OLAP cubes can be thought of as extensions to the two-dimensional array of a spreadsheet. For example a company might wish to analyse some financial data by product, by time-period, by city, by type of revenue and cost, and by comparing actual data with a budget. These additional methods of analysing the data are known as dimensions.

Cybertec High-Performance Cubes support all basic OLAP operations:

* Slicing

* Dicing

* Pivoting

* Drill-Down (/ Roll-Up)

* Drill-Across

* Drill-Through

Cybertec High-Performances Cubes make it possible to access cubes from many machines. In addition to that partial cubes can be merged into bigger cubes.

High-Performance use cases:

* real time analytics

* advanced decision making

* extreme caching

Cybertec high-performance in memory cubes can be integrated with real-time neuronal network decision making.

In a cube every dimension represents one 'variable' and can be analyzed separately.

In this example a cube would contain data such as: turnover, sales, products in stock, time, point of sale, vendor and products.

The cube could be used to answer countless questions:

How much coffee did we sell last week in Miami?

How much coffee is in stock?

Which shop sold most coffee?

Which shops increased it's sales within the past 3 years?


* C / C++

* Java

* csv


* efeudoc Reporting Engine

NOTE: More interfaces can be provided on demand.


Cybertec High-Performance Cubes can be used on the following platforms:

* Linux (32 / 64 bit)

* FreeBSD

* Solaris 8 / 9 / 10 (Sparc and Opteron)


* Mac OS X

Support for further operating systems can be provided on demand.

Open Source

The source code of all our modules will be provided to our customers as Open Source.

You will buy a complete Open Source solution which makes sure that your solution work in a system independent way. Long lifetime guaranteed.


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