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Cybercluster released Open Source

Posted on 2007-10-22

Cybercluster features:

Cybercluster provides a comprehensive set of features:

  • Multi-master replication

  • 24x7 availability

  • No single point of failure

  • Replication of DDLs

  • Advanced Load Balancing

All common platforms and operating systems are supported:

  • Windows

  • Linux (Debian, RedHat, Suse)

  • FreeBSD

  • Solaris 9 and 10

Cybercluster and PostgreSQL support

Cybertec provides 24x7 support for Cybercluster and offers customers around

the globe cost efficient and scalable database solutions based on the world's most advanced database.

For further information please refer to http://www.postgresql.at/english/downloads_e.html

About Cybertec Schönig & Schönig GmbH

Cybertec provides high-tech services for PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced

Open Source database. We have been in professional PostgreSQL business

longer than any other PostgreSQL company in Europe. We provide services



Cybertec Schönig & Schönig GmbH

Gröhrmühlgasse 26

A-2700 Wiener Neustadt


Phone: 43 / 664 / 3933 974

Web: www.postgresql.at

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