Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator 4.6: Rolling Updates, Pod Tolerations / Node Affinity, TLS for pgBouncer & more

Posted on 2021-01-27 by Crunchy Data
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Crunchy Data is pleased to announce the release of the Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator 4.6, which automates and simplifies deploying and managing open source Postgres clusters on Kubernetes and other Kubernetes-enabled Platforms. Instructions for getting started with the PostgreSQL Operator can be found here:

or get started by running:

kubectl create ns pgo; kubectl apply -f

This release adds support for rolling updates on Postgres clusters. A rolling update applies changes that require a restart, such as CPU or memory adjustments, across instances using a strategy that minimizes potential downtime or interruptions. Built for supporting high availability PostgreSQL workloads on Kubernetes, the rolling update functionality of the PostgreSQL Operator can be both implicitly and explicitly triggered.

Major features of the 4.6 release include:

  • Rolling Updates on PostgreSQL clusters, which limits the impact on availability for operations that require restarts.
  • Pod Tolerations support, which allows for PostgreSQL instances to be scheduled to nodes that Kubernetes Taint rules.
  • Improved Node Affinity support, with support for both the "preferred" and "required" node affinity types.
  • TLS Support for pgBouncer, which allows for connections over TLS from client to pgBouncer, and pgBouncer to PostgreSQL.
  • Less Image, More Operator: the number of container images required to run the Postgres Operator is reduced.

and more.

For a full list of features, including detailed descriptions of these changes, please see the release notes.


Crunchy Data is proud to support the development and maintenance of the PostgreSQL Operator.