Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator 4.5: Enhanced Monitoring, Custom Annotations, PostgreSQL 13

Posted on 2020-10-06 by Crunchy Data
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Crunchy Data is pleased to announce the release of the Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator 4.5, which automates and simplifies deploying and managing open source PostgreSQL clusters on Kubernetes and other Kubernetes-enabled Platforms. Instructions for getting started with the PostgreSQL Operator can be found here:

This release makes several changes to the PostgreSQL Operator Monitoring solution, notably making it much easier to set up a turnkey PostgreSQL monitoring with the PostgreSQL Operator using the open source pgMonitor project.

pgMonitor combines insightful queries for PostgreSQL with several proven tools for statistics collection, data visualization, and alerting to allow one to deploy a turnkey monitoring solution for PostgreSQL. Now with support for Kubernetes environments, pgMonitor uses open source pgnodemx that allows one to get host-like information from the Kubernetes Pod a PostgreSQL instance is deployed within.

Major features of the 4.5 release include:

For a full list of features, including detailed descriptions of these changes, please see the release notes.


Crunchy Data is proud to support the development and maintenance of the PostgreSQL Operator.