Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator 4.3: Multi-Kubernetes Cluster Deployments, Easier Customization/Installation, TLS, pgAdmin 4

Posted on 2020-05-05 by Crunchy Data
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Crunchy Data is pleased to announce the release of the Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator 4.3, which automates and simplifies deploying and managing of open source PostgreSQL clusters on Kubernetes and other Kubernetes-enabled Platforms. Instructions for getting started with the PostgreSQL Operator can be found here:

This release makes it possible to deploy PostgreSQL across Kubernetes clusters in a multi-PostgreSQL Operator setup. There are also significant improvements to the ability to easily customize PostgreSQL clusters that are managed by the PostgreSQL Operator, from infrastructure configuration (CPU, RAM, PVC size) to PostgreSQL configuration.

Major features of the 4.3 release include:

For a full list of features, including detailed descriptions of these changes, please see the release notes.