credcheck v1.1 released

Posted on 2023-04-27 by MigOps
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April 27, 2023

PostgreSQL credcheck extension

The credcheck PostgreSQL extension provides few general credential checks, which will be evaluated during the user creation, during the password change and user renaming. By using this extension, we can define a set of rules:

  • allow a specific set of credentials
  • reject a certain type of credentials
  • enforce use of an expiration date with a minimum and maximal of days for a password
  • define a password reuse policy

Release v1.1 adds the missing capability to enforce the use of an expiration date for a password with a maximum of days. Example: credcheck.password_valid_max = 365, the password life time must not be set beyond one year.

Complete list of changes is available here

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credcheck is an open project under the PostgreSQL license created at MigOps Inc. Any contribution to build a better tool is welcome. You can send your ideas, features requests or patches using the GitHub tools.

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About credcheck

The credcheck extension is an original work of MigOps Inc, MigOPs is specialized in migration to PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL support. If you need more information please contact us

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