24th September 2020: PostgreSQL 13 Released!

Cost-Effective Data Modeling Tool Supporting PostgreSQL Released by ModelRight, Inc.

Posted on 2009-08-04

ModelRight continues to innovate; software now integrated across 6 major database platforms including PostgreSQL.

With this new release ModelRight has added support for three additional databases, rounding out the databases it supports to six, plus an abundance of enhancements greatly increasing the productivity of the tool. This new release makes the ModelRight Professional version an even more efficient tool since it supports six leading databases in one easy to use and cost-effective product. ModelRight is also available a-la-carte/per database version.

Support for PostgreSQL includes domains, composite, enumerated and base types, array dimensions, table rules, table spaces, sequences, and index properties like fill factor, concurrent, partial expression and nulls first.

Trent Murray, a Data Architect at iiNET and customer of ModelRight says, “There are very few modeling tools that cater specifically to PostgreSQL, and even fewer that are robust and provide a clean, intuitive user interface. ModelRight’s software is one of those. I have been using ModelRight for two months now and have seen database development productivity increase three-fold over the previous modeling tool I was using.”

The cost of ModelRight ranges from $195 - $895 per seat license. For further information please visit Modelright.com.

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