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Continuent Rolls Out Tungsten Easy

Posted on 2009-06-05

Continuent Rolls Out Tungsten Easy, A Low Cost Solution Suite For Data Availability And Database Performance Scalability

Continuent Tungsten offers an easy to install, easy to manage, easy to scale database clusters for MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL

SAN JOSE, CA – June 2, 2009 – Continuent, Inc., a leading provider of commercial open source solutions for continuous data availability, advanced database replication and scale-out solutions, today announced a suite of Continuent Tungsten solutions for economical and efficient continuous data availability for enterprises.

Continuent Tungsten harnesses the power of advanced open source and commercial technologies to deliver data availability and performance scalability solutions that are based on the Tungsten open source components, a unique collection of solutions for database scale-out. Continuent Tungsten offers easy to manage, dynamic database clusters with the highest levels of availability and scalability for Oracle®, MySQL® and PostgreSQL.

“Continent has extended its expertise in clustering MySQL databases to PostgreSQL and now Oracle, and with Tungsten is moving beyond high availability clustering to enterprise-level scalability and replication,” said Matthew Aslett, Analyst, Enterprise Software, The 451 Group.

Continuent Tungsten solutions are divided into four (4) offerings – Tungsten Easy HA, Tungsten Easy HA Plus, Tungsten Easy Scale and Tungsten Enterprise – designed to solve particular types of continuous data availability and performance scaling problems.

“Despite the reality with the current commercial solutions available from Oracle and other vendors, database clusters do not have to be difficult to deploy and use, nor do they have to be very expensive,“ said Eero Teerikorpi, CEO of Continuent. “Tungsten Easy product suite offers remarkably advanced data availability and performance scalability features at the level of easiness not seen before, and at fraction of the cost."

All four Tungsten solutions have the following common features:

• Integrated builds including all Tungsten components in a single download with automatic installation

• Commercial Tungsten extensions to improve management and security, replicate from commercial databases, and other features required for business critical use

• Auto configuration procedures for local as well as cloud environments

• Professional-quality documentation

• Regular releases and patches with extended support options for guaranteed turn-around on fixes

• 8x5 or 24x7 support, delivered by database experts.

Tungsten solutions are licensed on a subscription basis. Subscriptions are based on the number of database servers in a cluster and range from simple 1+1 (1 master, 1 slave) high availability configurations to site licenses that permit unlimited numbers of databases in a single location. Continuent Tungsten solutions start at $500 per month and are available today at www.continuent.com and through our partners worldwide.

“With Continuent Tungsten, MySQL becomes a true Enterprise database, able to handle scalability and fail over. Prior to Tungsten, MySQL was our only single point of failure and thus I could not recommend using MySQL in any critical application that required a high level of availability,“ said William Berks, Enterprise Infrastructure Architect, IEEE Computer Society.


Tungsten Easy HA provides drop-in data availability and protection for small sites for whom a single database host provides sufficient performance. Tungsten Easy HA features include:

• “1+1” master with replica standby database for quick failover from the master

• Fail-safe data application on slaves to ensure correct data copies even when there are hardware crashes or software failures

• Seamless slave promotion and master failover with zero data loss for planned failovers

• Master recovery and failback after a master failure

• Easy management procedures, including integrated backups and data consistency checks

Tungsten Easy HA deploys quickly for existing databases and does not require changes to applications. For extra security and disaster recovery purpose, the slave replica may reside on another site.


Tungsten Easy HA Plus extends the features of the Easy HA to provide extra data protection for users who place especially high value on their data but do not need performance scaling beyond the capacity of a single database host:

• All features of Easy HA

• Multiple replica data bases for additional protection (for example, local as well as off-site replicas)

• Automated failure detection with the option to promote a slave immediately to take over from master

• Synchronous data protection to ensure committed transactions are safely replicated to at least one additional host

• Time-delay and managed point-in-time recovery to ensure quick recovery of data lost by administrative errors

• Low- and zero-downtime upgrade support.

Tungsten Easy HA Plus deploys quickly on existing databases. Users can upgrade to Easy HA Plus features from Easy HA. As with Easy HA, it is not necessary to alter applications in any way.


Tungsten Easy Scale helps users scale database capacity quickly and efficiently to handle increased or highly variable loads. It is optimized for the most common scaling scenario, namely high levels of read traffic. Tungsten Easy Scale features include:

• “1+N” replication from a single master to multiple slaves

• Sophisticated load-balancing algorithms including latency management, read/write splitting, and advanced techniques that allow applications to trade off availability against data consistency

• Automatic detection of new slaves as well as slaves that are removed from operation

• Automatic tracking of slave latency with configurable policies for acceptable latency levels for applications

• Options for routing SQL using Java libraries, intelligent proxies, or load balancers.

Tungsten Easy Scale offers unique ease of deployment through features that minimize or completely eliminate application changes required to scale performance using extra database replicas. These features are unique among industry solutions to the problem of scaling databases using multiple replicas.


Tungsten Enterprise combines the features of the other Tungsten solutions with additional capabilities to support applications with the most demanding requirements for high availability, data protection, performance, and integration between different databases. These include:

• Unlimited numbers of replicas with automated failover to any replica

• Parallel replication to support sites with high write rates and/or sharded data sets

• Multi-master replication features to permit updates against multiple live master databases

• Replication between open source and commercial databases, as well as replication to/from non-database targets and sources such as message queues, applications, and files

• Secure transport and data encryption

• Tungsten Enterprise gives you these tricks and more to allow databases to support the most demanding application imaginable

• Integrated builds including all Tungsten components in a single download

• Commercial extensions to improve management and security, replicate from commercial database, and add other features required for enterprise use

• Auto configuration procedures for local as well as cloud environments

• Professional-quality documentation

• Regular releases and patches with extended support options for guaranteed turn-around on fixes.

For more information about Continuent and our involvement in the open source community, visit http://www.continuent.com.

About Continuent

Continuent, the world's leading provider of data availability and database performance scalability solutions, offers database high availability and incremental performance scaling using commodity hardware and databases. We provide continuous uptime so you can deliver business critical database applications with high data availability and accessibility. We also offer support, training and consulting services to our customers worldwide.

Continuent’s Tungsten solutions provide a unique collection of technologies for database scale-out. Tungsten stack is 100% open source. Tungsten is operating system independent and supports both commercial and open source databases including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB™.

For more information about Continuent and our products, visit www.continuent.com.

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