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Command Prompt, Inc., the PostgreSQL company, adds official Slony support

Posted on 2006-11-03

This is the second PostgreSQL replication engine the company supports, the first Mammoth

Replicator is the only replication engine that is an integrated solution to the PostgreSQL


Joshua Drake, Co-Founder, Command Prompt, Inc. said, "Combining the most trusted enterprise

PostgreSQL support available with the most widely used Open Source replication solution for

PostgreSQL only makes sense for our customers. As The PostgreSQL Company, it adds value

for us to support not only our own PostgreSQL products but also popular and mature

Open Source PostgreSQL projects."

The company will also be dedicating resources to the Slony project as two of its employees are

already committers on the project.

About Command Prompt, Inc.

Command Prompt, Inc. is the oldest PostgreSQL support company with 10 years of profitable, debt

free operation. The core of the company is made up of known PostgreSQL consultants and developers

with over 50% of its staff, recognized in the community.

For more information on Command Prompt, Inc. see http://www.commandprompt.com/

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