CloudNativePG 1.22.0, 1.21.2 and 1.20.5 Released!

Posted on 2023-12-25 by The CloudNativePG Contributors
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The CloudNativePG Community is thrilled to unveil version 1.22.0 of the CloudNativePG Operator, a significant milestone featuring the introduction of declarative tablespaces and temporary tablespaces alongside various enhancements and fixes.

Tablespaces, a powerful and widely adopted feature in database management systems, now take center stage in CloudNativePG 1.22.0. This release empowers users to boost the vertical scalability of their databases by decoupling the physical and logical data modeling, achieving optimal performance through parallel on-disk read/write operations. With CloudNativePG, users can define additional tablespace volumes, and also ensure they can be used for temporary operations (CloudNativePG seamlessly manages the temp_tablespaces GUC).

This marks a pivotal step towards adopting Very Large Databases, building upon the foundation laid by Kubernetes volume snapshots introduced in version 1.21.

Starting from version 1.22.0, the ALTER SYSTEM command is now disabled by default. This ensures that changes to the PostgreSQL configuration are orchestrated through the Kubernetes API. This streamlined approach guarantees coherence across the entire high-availability cluster and aligns with best practices for Infrastructure-as-Code.

In terms of security, all supported versions now require TLS 1.3 for PostgreSQL connections by default, further bolstering the integrity of data transmission.

Before initiating an upgrade, carefully review the detailed instructions. New patch releases are now available for all supported versions, including 1.21.2 and 1.20.5.

Considering the notable changes introduced, we strongly recommend upgrading to CloudNativePG 1.22.0 at your earliest convenience. Alternatively, update to the latest patch version within your current minor release.

With the release of 1.22.0, the 1.20.x minor version will reach its end of life on January 21, 2024.

This release addresses several bugs for improved stability. For a comprehensive list of changes, refer to the following release notes:

Thank you for your continued support and engagement with CloudNativePG!

About CloudNativePg

CloudNativePG is an open source Kubernetes Operator for PostgreSQL workloads that orchestrates the full life cycle of a PostgreSQL cluster, from bootstrapping and configuration, through high availability and connection routing, to backups and disaster recovery. CloudNativePG relies on PostgreSQL’s native streaming replication to distribute data across pods, nodes, and zones, using standard Kubernetes patterns. Replicas can be scaled up and down in a Kubernetes native manner, and the operator automatically and safely reconfigure replication as appropriate. CloudNativePG is a project originally created and supported by EDB.