CloudNativePG 1.15.1 Released!

Posted on 2022-06-06 by The CloudNativePG Contributors
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The CloudNativePG Community has released a new update for the supported 1.15.x version of the CloudNativePG Operator.

Version 1.15.1 is a patch release containing a few bug fixes and minor enhancements, in particular in the backup and recovery area, including:

  • Ownership of Backup objects for finer control of cleanup operations in the Kubernetes cluster
  • Configurable archive timeout parameter, by default fixed to 5 minutes, which is relevant to set the upper limit of the recovery point objective (RPO) of a Postgres cluster
  • Enhanced verification of backup and recovery object stores to ensure that an object store can only be written by one Postgres cluster
  • Automated export of the pg_stat_wal stats view available from PostgreSQL 14 onwards

We encourage you to update the operator at your earliest possible convenience.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to the release notes.

About CloudNativePG

CloudNativePG is an open source Kubernetes Operator for PostgreSQL workloads that orchestrates the full life cycle of a PostgreSQL cluster, from bootstrapping and configuration, through high availability and connection routing, to backups and disaster recovery. CloudNativePG relies on PostgreSQL’s native streaming replication to distribute data across pods, nodes, and zones, using standard Kubernetes patterns. Replicas can be scaled up and down in a Kubernetes native manner, and the operator automatically and safely reconfigure replication as appropriate.

CloudNativePG is the first PostgreSQL Operator to pursue the whole graduation process with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) by submitting the request to join the Sandbox in April 2022. CloudNativePG is a project originally created and supported by EDB.