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Cloud Postgres (Beta)—PostgreSQL Clustering in the Clouds Made Simple

Posted on 2012-12-12 by Open Hosting, Inc.

December 12, 2012: Open Hosting Inc. is proud to announce the beta release of Cloud Postgres, an innovative cluster automation tool. For your Ruby on Rails, Django, Drupal, or Java applications, two databases are better than one. Clustering improves application performance as well as availability—Cloud Postgres automates the installation, configuration, and monitoring of PostgreSQL 9.2 clusters.

Cloud Postgres Makes Once-Difficult Tasks Simple

Automates PostgreSQL Sizing & Tuning: Using our implementation of PGTune, Cloud Postgres optimizes the PostgreSQL configuration.

Automates Server Provisioning: Cloud Postgres provisions an identical pair of servers positioned on physically distinct hosts.

Automates Network Provisioning: Cloud Postgres provisions and configures IP addresses, firewalls, and VLANs. Replication traffic is streamed securely over a VLAN between servers. And servers are placed behind an Open Hosting platform firewall.

Automates Backups, Retention & Notification: A cluster can be configured to create and retain two full backups. WAL segments from the oldest backup to the most recent one are retained. This allows for recovery to any point in between.

Provides Server Resource Monitoring & Notification: Your cluster will notify you by email:

  • when either your master or standby server boot
  • if the heartbeat fails on either the master or standby server
  • if the cluster fails over to the standby
  • if resources run low
  • if the backup is interrupted



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Company Information

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