Citus Con: An Event for Postgres—It’s a wrap!

Posted on 2022-06-02 by Microsoft Azure
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First off—a Big Thank You

Citus Con: An Event for Postgres is a free and virtual developer event that took place Apr 12-13, 2022—and we owe a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the first ever Citus Con—from the attendees to the 42 amazing speakers. We trust you had fun and learned a lot.

Watch 38 sessions of Postgres goodness online

Keynotes: Andy Pavlo of Carnegie Mellon provided a glimpse into the future with The Building Blocks for Self-Driving Postgres; Magnus Hagander presented a new talk about PostgreSQL—more relevant than ever; and Umur Cubukcu of Microsoft (and former co-founder of Citus Data) gave a talk about 8 keys to the growth of Citus and Distributed Postgres.

More Talks: All 38 Postgres talks from Citus Con are now online for you to watch: 3 keynotes, 15 Postgres deep dives, 5 Citus engineering & 6 Citus customer talks, 3 ecosystem talks, 2 PG community talks, and 4 Azure Database for PostgreSQL talks. And the Schedule page has all the abstracts and speaker bios—plus links to the videos on YouTube.

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