Citus 7.1 Released: Distributed Transaction Support

Posted on 2017-11-22 by Citus Data
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Citus Data announces the availability of Citus 7.1. Built to scale out, Citus is an extension to Postgres that is available as open source, enterprise software, and a fully-managed database service on AWS.

Whether you have a multi-tenant application that needs scale, or you need to deliver real-time analytics to your customers, with Citus, you can seamlessly scale your PostgreSQL clusters.

Citus 7.1 adds full SQL support for distributed transactions. This release also expands SQL coverage for parallel subqueries, window functions, and distinct clauses. You can find more information in Citus release notes.

Citus 7.1 is compatible with PostgreSQL 9.6 and 10. You can try Citus 7.1 by following the download instructions or one-click deploy through the Citus Cloud console.