Citus 11.3 Released!

Posted on 2023-06-15 by Citus Data
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Tenant monitoring in Citus 11.3

Now you can monitor the tenants of your multi-tenant SaaS application. Use citus_stat_tenants to quickly locate the noisy neighbor in your cluster. Also in 11.3, execute shard moves in parallel from different co-location groups, and MERGE between co-located, distributed tables. Plus improved metadata syncing for very large numbers of tables. Read Marco’s blog post for all the info. Or if you’re more interested in the code you can check out the Citus database GitHub repo (feel free to give the project a star to show support :).)

Where to find the Citus 11.3 Blog post, Release Notes, & Release Party Livestream

Citus 11.3 blog post: Read Marco’s 11.3 post for more insight on the new features and improvement in Citus 11.3.

Release notes: Get all the nitty gritty details on the Citus 11.3 updates page.

Watch the Citus 11.3 release party: The release party—including demos and Q&A—is available to watch on YouTube.

About the Citus database extension

Citus is a distributed database built entirely as an open source extension for PostgreSQL. With Citus, you can create tables that are transparently distributed or replicated across a cluster of PostgreSQL nodes. Citus is available as open source and also as a managed service on Azure.