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ChronicDB merges database tables live on PostgreSQL

Posted on 2011-05-03

Chandler, AZ —May 5, 2011— ChronicDB, the technology for flexible SQL schemas, announced that it achieved the first live vertical merge of database tables with zero downtime on PostgreSQL.

Unlike horizontal partitioning, which addresses database scalability, vertical partitioning

addresses database schema reorganization. Merging and splitting database tables vertically is an essential part of the database change management process, is tied to application changes, and stems from changes in business workflows.

ChronicDB is the only technology that offers live merging and splitting of database tables. Merging tables is the opposite of what a SELECT on a VIEW is: a reverse INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE on the tables that form a VIEW. Splitting tables is like breaking a VIEW, but with support for INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE, not just SELECT.

Logically consolidating and partitioning tables offers the agility to capture emerging business workflows, rather than ignore them. Traditional technology requires downtime periods to change the database schema. The cost of this downtime deters database reorganization and promotes expensive or harmful workflows. Instead, ChronicDB orchestrates an update on both the application and database without downtime. Database reorganization is applied automatically, without data inconsistency, and without data loss.

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