check_pgbackrest 2.4 has been released

Posted on 2024-07-05 by Stefan Fercot
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Mons, Belgium, July 05, 2024

check_pgbackrest is designed to monitor pgBackRest backups from Nagios, relying on the status information given by the info command.

It allows to monitor the backups retention and the consistency of the archived WAL segments.

Changes in check_pgbackrest 2.4

  • Only support pgBackRest 2.52 and above to fix issue with new pgBackRest versioning policy since 2.52.1. (Reported by netphantm)
  • Add new pgbackrest_version service, in order to check for a specific pgBackRest target version.

Links & Credits

This is an open project, licensed under the PostgreSQL license. Any contribution to improve it is welcome.


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