check_pgbackrest 1.6 has been released

Posted on 2019-11-15 by Dalibo
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Mons, Belgium, November 15, 2019

check_pgbackrest is designed to monitor pgBackRest backups from Nagios, relying on the status information given by the info command.

It allows to monitor the backups retention and the consistency of the archived WAL segments.

Changes in check_pgbackrest 1.6

  • New check_pgb_version service (suggested by Christophe Courtois).
  • Avoid chdir when scanning a directory to avoid some problems with sudo -u (Christophe Courtois).
  • Add Amazon s3 support for archives service (Andrew E. Bruno).
  • Fix bad behavior on CIFS mount (reported by renesepp).
  • Add --retention-age-to-full argument to check the latest full backup age.
  • Rename ignore-archived-since argument to ignore-archived-after.
  • Add ignore-archived-before argument to ignore the archived WALs before the provided interval.
  • Return WARNING instead of CRITICAL in case of missing archived WAL prior to latest backup, regardless its type.
  • Check for each backup its needed archived WALs based on wal start/stop information given by the pgBackRest info command.

Links & Credits

check_pgbackrest is part of the Dalibo Labs initiative. It is mainly developed by Stefan Fercot. This is an open project, licensed under the PostgreSQL license. Any contribution to improve it is welcome.


Note: RPM package is available on the GitHub Release page.