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CASE Studio 2 Database Design Tool Supporting PostgreSQL Database Introduces New Autolayout Feature

Posted on 2005-10-06

The Development of this flagship product of Charonware, s.r.o. – CASE Studio 2 - is still going along. For the new version, Charonware has come up with more than twenty enhancements and introduces new features like full support for MySQL 5.0 database, new autolayout function and much more.

PostgreSQL Specific enhancements include the following:

PostgreSQL 8 - Reverse engineering

* Loading of check constraints corrected (in columns and domains).

* Up-to-date check constraints are being loaded now.

* Possibility to generate "dollar quotations" in bodies of functions. To the Reverse engineering dialog, a new checkbox "Use dollar quoting ($BODY$) in functions bodies" has been added. It allows you to close the body of the fuction between strings $BODY$ instead of the apostrophe '.

* When functions are being loaded, names of arguments, their types, and names of return types are closed in quotations.

* Loading of operation class for indexes corrected. (The problem occured when the type of column, used in index, was a domain.)

* Columns for indexes, Unique constraints and Primary keys are loaded in the correct order now.

* The form of Create Function created during RE has been modified. (The form has been adjusted to statements of help files or of the pgAdmin program.)

PostgreSQL 8 - Script Generating

* Names of check constraints in domains are now (subject to certain conditions) closed in quotations.

PostgreSQL 7.4, PostgreSQL 7.3

* If referential integrity is set up as NONE, foreign key will be generated, however without specifications "on delete" and "on update". This is defined as default integrity NO ACTION. Note: In previous versions, foreign key was not generated in spite of the NONE setting. Now if you do not need to generate some of the relationships, please uncheck the Generate checkbox for the appropriate relationship (do not use the NONE integrity for this purpose).

PostgreSQL 8, PostgreSQL 7.4, PostgreSQL 7.3

* Referential integrity "no action" is now being loaded as referential integrity "none" during RE(previously it was loaded as "restrict").

* Problem with UNNAMED relationships with more attributes during RE solved. (The error might have occured only in PostgreSQL 7.4 or 7.3.)

PostgreSQL 7.4

* Generation of NotNull/Null in the "Create domain" sentence corrected.

"CASE Studio 2 is particularly focused on visual creation and maintenance of Entity Relationship diagrams, reverse engineering of already existing database structures, automatic generation of SQL scripts, generation of detailed HTML and RTF reports etc. Except these main features, we want to offer our customers new, more comfortable and efficient solutions to their database-related tasks and also want to keep up with trends. We do hope that our customers will appreciate improvements of the new version," concludes Vaclav Frolik.

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About company:

CHARONWARE, s. r. o. is a privately held company established in 2000 in Ostrava in the Czech Republic (European Union). It specializes in developing database modeling tools along with respecting principles of the Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE). Its aim is to make software products that would be beneficial for database designers, developers and all who want to accomplish their database-related tasks with greater productivity and higher quality.

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