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Buzz about pgst 1.2.2 Release

Posted on 2004-10-16

Haven't heard the buzz about pgst yet? Why not give it a try?

pgst, the intuitive, GNOME-based frontend to PostgreSQL has been improved with new features. It is being released under the OSI-Approved Artistic License. Since the release of pgst 1.1.0, the developer focused on what reasons one may want to use other PostgreSQL tools on Linux and improved the product to minimize that need. This culminated in the introduction of the Field Editor.

More details and download links for this project may be found at:



* The default PostgreSQL commands

* Bash shell (preferrably Linux)

* Python 2 or better

* PyGTK (and perhaps Glade)

* If printing, then some of the default GNU Linux utilities used for printing

It was developed on RedHat 9 Linux that had all the default RPMs installed on it and nothing more. Uses the same technology for the frontend that Red Hat uses for its GNOME-based control panels. More than likely it will work on any post 2003 Linux in the RedHat and Suse product lines, and many others.

The new features since the 1.1.0 release are:

* Field Editor. Got a long field in a database table that's hard to edit with SQL statements? This tool will help you update it fairly easily.

* Improved Installation. Now prompts you for where to install, rather than hard-coding that.

* Quirks with cut and paste repaired.

* Small Fonts. Got rather large rows? This feature will shrink the font.

* Extra Line Wrap Removal. Got rows with line wraps and this makes the results look funny? This feature will try as much as possible to remedy that so that you don't get line wraps in rows.

* Stored Procedures Help. Now you can see how to turn on PostgreSQL stored procedures.

* Tabs. Now you have up to 4 tabbed pages that you can switch to, permitting you to use it like a scratchpad or to open 4 simultaneous connections to the database.

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