Brand New Tool – dbForge Schema Compare for PostgreSQL on Board

Posted on 2020-09-20 by Devart
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Devart has announced the release of a new tool, dbForge Schema Compare for PostgreSQL, which suits best for quick and efficient comparison of Amazon Redshift and PostgreSQL databases.

Devart, a recognized software vendor of database tools and data connectivity solutions, released a brand new product from the dbForge Tools for PostgreSQL line – dbForge Schema Compare for PostgreSQL. The tool is best suited when users need to compare Amazon Redshift databases quickly and efficiently, as well as to generate synchronization SQL scripts to update target database schemas.

The new solution also has such key features as:

  1. Support for Amazon Redshift. The first version features Amazon Redshift support to compare and synchronize database schemas.
  2. Limited Support for PostgreSQL. At the moment, the vendor also implemented the limited support for the following PostgreSQL databases: PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, Azure PostgreSQL.
  3. Support for Redshift Objects. The solution allows users to compare and sync the following Redshift objects: Schemas, Tables, Views, Function, Procedures, Comments, Privileges.
  4. Identification of Object Dependencies. The tool allows users to sync objects they have not selected for synchronization but which are used by objects they added to synchronize.
  5. Review of DDL Differences in Database Objects. Also, users can view DDL differences for each object pair to analyze the schema comparison result.
  6. Execution of Query History. Users can get basic information about PostgreSQL queries executed in the database for a certain period of time.
  7. Execution of Large Script. The large scripts can be executed without opening in the editor.

Learn more about the recent release by visiting Devart’s blog article.

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