Benetl, a free ETL tool for PostgreSQL, out in version 5.8

Posted on 2024-01-09 by Benetl
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Dear all,

Benetl, a free ETL tool for files working with PostgreSQL, version 5.8.0 is out.

This version uses Java 17 and has been tested with PostgreSQL 16. This version brings great code improvements (code quality) and a better unit tests coverage (over 71% code coverage).

Correcting a small problem in createFunctionIntervalDate database function. Updating with JDK-17 path.

You should update.

Benetl is freely dowloadable at:

You can learn more about ETL tools at:,_transform,_load

Thanks for your interest.


Benoît Carpentier

Founder of Benetl and Java project manager