Barman 3.10.0 Released

Posted on 2024-01-28 by EDB
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EDB is pleased to announce the release of Barman 3.10.0.

Highlights of this release:


  • Limit the average bandwidth used by barman-cloud-backup when backing up to either AWS S3 or Azure Blob Storage according to the value set by a new CLI option --max-bandwidth.
  • Add the new configuration option lock_directory_cleanup That enables cron to automatically clean up the barman_lock_directory from unused lock files.
  • Add support for a new type of configuration called model. The model acts as a set of overrides for configuration options for a given Barman server.
  • Add a new barman command barman config-update that allows the creation and the update of configurations using JSON
  • Related to this Barman release, pg_backup_api has been updated and released to support these new features. As a result, Barman now supports changes in the configuration whilst it's running. This pg-backup-api release adds the required endpoints to trigger that switch when requested.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix a bug that caused --min-chunk-size to be ignored when using barman-cloud-backup as a hook script in Barman.

This information is also published in the NEWS for Barman.

About Barman

Backup and Recovery Manager (or Barman) is an open-source administration tool for remote backups and disaster recovery of PostgreSQL servers in business-critical environments. It relies on PostgreSQL’s robust and reliable Point-In-Time Recovery technology, allowing DBAs to remotely manage a complete catalog of backups and the recovery phase of multiple remote servers – all from one location. Barman is distributed under GNU GPL 3 and maintained by EDB.