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AnySQL Maestro 11.7 released

Posted on 2011-07-13

SQL Maestro Group announces the release of AnySQL Maestro 11.7, a powerful tool for managing any database engine accessible via ODBC driver or OLE DB provider (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Access, etc).

The new version is immediately available for downloading. It comes in both Freeware and Professional editions.

Top 7 new features:

  1. Data pagination for the corresponding tab of object editors.

  2. Code snippets for SQL Editor and SQL Script Editor.

  3. Data import from any database accessible via ODBC driver / OLE DB provider.

  4. Quick index creation.

  5. The "Execute at cursor" command for SQL Editor.

  6. Highlighting foreign key columns for Database Designer.

  7. Default directories for data export/import/extract/etc.

Full press release is available at the SQL Maestro Group website.

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