Announcing the release of v1.0-rc1 of pg_cirrus - Hassle-free PostgreSQL cluster setup

Posted on 2023-08-31 by Stormatics
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We are pleased to announce the 1.0-rc1 release of pg_cirrus. This automated tool streamlines the process of setting up a 3-node cluster, making it significantly easier for users to set up and manage high availability in PostgreSQL.

We understand that configuring a PostgreSQL cluster can be a complex and time-consuming task, which is why we have designed pg_cirrus to help make the process faster and more efficient.

Key improvements

  • The third cluster node remains responsive even after a second failover.
  • Proper load balancing is now ensured after a failover event.
  • pg_cirrus now operates under the postgres user rather than the root user.
  • Enhanced security: Nodes within the same subnet can no longer connect to the cluster nodes without providing the correct password.
  • Compatibility extended to ports other than the default 5432.
  • Successful failover execution when pg_cirrus is initiated from the postgres user.
  • Updated variable names for clarity.
  • Added the template file.
  • Improved exception handling for ansible playbooks; pg_cirrus stops gracefully if a playbook fails.
  • Enhanced exception handling for user inputs.

To help you get started with pg_cirrus, we have provided the following resources:

How-To Page:

Source code:

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