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Announcing the release of TopN PostgreSQL extension

Posted on 2018-03-27 by Citus Data
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Citus Data, is excited to announce the release of TopN, an open source PostgreSQL extension that returns the top values in a database according to some criteria. The TopN extension enables you to serve instant and approximate results to TopN queries. With the help of a very efficient approximation algorithm, TopN is able to materialize top values according to some criteria and incrementally update these top values, or merge them on-demand across different time intervals.

With TopN, you can:

  • Materialize your TopN results and update them incrementally.
  • Calculate TopN results approximately and very quickly.
  • Benefit the rich feature set of JSONB for your TopN datasets.

TopN is developed and maintained by Citus Data.

You can reach further information here and open source repository here. Please, do not hesitate to contact us via citusdata.com for further inquiries.