Announcing the release of repmgr 4.3

Posted on 2019-04-02 by 2ndQuadrant, an EDB Company
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Oxford, United Kingdom - April 2, 2019

2ndQuadrant today announced the release of repmgr 4.3 This major release includes several important enhancements, making usage of repmgr more flexible and powerful.

repmgr is the most popular tool for PostgreSQL replication and failover management, which enhances and complements the built-in replication capabilities in PostgreSQL. This makes repmgr easy to set up to manage standby servers, check replication status, and perform administrative tasks such as switchover operations.The repmgrd daemon provides automatic failover capability to maximize database uptime, and can easily be integrated with other tools such as PgBouncer for high application availability.

repmgr 4.3 presents the following usability enhancements:

  • repmgr standby follow. Option --upstream-node-id can now be used to specify another standby to follow.
  • repmgr standby follow. Verifies that it is possible to follow another node.
  • repmgr node rejoin. Verifies that it is possible to attach the node to the current primary.
  • Add new commands repmgr daemon start and repmgr daemon stop. Provides a standardized way of starting and stopping repmgrd.
  • repmgr daemon status. Displays the node priority and the interval (in seconds) since the repmgrd instance last verified its upstream node was available.
  • Add --compact option to repmgr cluster show. Makes it easier to copy the output as a compact table to emails, chats etc.
  • repmgr cluster show. Differentiates between unreachable nodes and nodes which are running, but rejecting connections. This makes it possible to see whether a node is unreachable at network level, or if it is running but rejecting connections for some reason.
  • Add --dry-run to repmgr standby promote.
  • repmgr --version-number outputs the "raw" repmgr version number. Intended to be used by scripts, etc. when an easy parseable representation of the repmgr version is required.
  • Add repmgr node check --data-directory-config options. Gives confirmation that repmgr is correctly configured.
  • Add check to repmgr standby switchover. This ensures the data directory on the demotion candidate is configured correctly in repmgr.conf. Additionally, it ensures that repmgr, when remotely executed on the demotion candidate, can correctly verify that PostgreSQL was shut down cleanly on the demotion.

This major release includes several enhancements to repmgrd. For a detailed list of all changes, please read the complete release notes here.

Upgrading to this version is highly recommended for all repmgr users. Upgrade instructions are available here.

Packages and installation documentation are available via 2ndQuadrant’s public RPM and APT repositories from 2ndQuadrant here.

Source files can be downloaded here and installation instructions are available here.

repmgr is distributed under GPL v3.

For more information, please send an email to