Announcing The Release Of repmgr 4.0.2

Posted on 2018-01-18 by 2ndQuadrant, an EDB Company
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Oxford, United Kingdom - January 18, 2018

2ndQuadrant announces the release of repmgr 4.0.2. repmgr is the most popular tool for PostgreSQL replication and failover management. It enhances and complements PostgreSQL's built-in replication capabilities, making it easy to set up and manage standby servers, check replication status, and perform administrative tasks such as switchover operations. The repmgrd daemon provides automatic failover capability to maximize database uptime and can easily be integrated with other tools such as PgBouncer for high application availability.

repmgr 4.0.2 includes the following usability enhancements:

  • Recognize the -t/--terse option for repmgr cluster event to hide the Details column
  • Add "--wait-start" option for repmgr standby register
  • Add %p event notification parameter for repmgr standby switchover

This release contains the following bug fixes:

  • Add missing -W option to getopt_long() invocation
  • Automatically create slot name if missing
  • Fixes to parsing output of remote repmgr invocations
  • When registering BDR nodes, automatically create missing connection replication set
  • Handle missing node record in repmgr node rejoin

For a detailed list of all fixed bugs, please read the full release notes here.

We highly recommend upgrading to repmgr 4.0.2 at the earliest opportunity available. For this release, a simple package upgrade and restart of repmgrd (if running) is required.

Download is available here and installation instructions are available here.

repmgr is developed and maintained by 2ndQuadrant. It is fully supported by their respected 24/7 Production Support, providing the fastest and highest rated response service for PostgreSQL anywhere and is available worldwide. repmgr is distributed under GPL v3.

For more information, please send an email to

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