Announcing the release of E-Maj 2.3.0

Posted on 2018-07-09 by Philippe Beaudoin
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We are very glad to announce the 2.3.0 version of E-Maj.

E-Maj is a PostgreSQL extension which enables fine-grained write logging and time travel on subsets of the database.

This new version supports from 9.2 to v11 PostgreSQL versions. It is a new step in giving more flexibility in tables groups management. In particular, it allows to add tables or sequences to groups or move tables or sequences from one group to another without being obliged to stop/restart the logging mecanism (and loose the capability to 'rollback' to a previous point in time).

Both web clients, Emaj_web and the phpPgAdmin plugin, have been enhanced to take benefit from this feature.

Two new characters mode clients have been added. Written in perl, they bring the same features as the existing php clients: launch parallel E-Maj rollback and monitor E-Maj rollbacks.

The full documentation is available on line. The core extension is available at or

The phpPgAdmin plugin and the Emaj_web application are also available at

Have fun with E-Maj !