Announcing the Release of Barman v2.7

Posted on 2019-03-21 by 2ndQuadrant, an EDB Company
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Oxford, United Kingdom - March 21, 2019

2ndQuadrant today announced the release of Barman version 2.7. This release fixes various bugs in backup parallel copy, geo-redundancy usability and UTF-8 input/output handling.

Barman (Backup and Recovery Manager) is an open source administration tool for managing backup and disaster recovery of PostgreSQL servers. It allows you to perform remote backups of multiple servers in business-critical environments and helps DBAs during the recovery phase.

Among the most outstanding changes of this release, Barman v2.7 fixes error handling during the parallel backup: previously an unrecoverable error during the copy could have corrupted the Barman internal state, requiring a manual kill of barman process with SIGTERM and a manual cleanup of the running backup in PostgreSQL.

Bug fixes for the geo-redundancy feature included in this release are:

  • Ignore history/backup/partial files for the first sync
  • Fix cron break due to network failure during sync, that did not allow subsequent tasks to be executed

We strongly recommend upgrading to Barman v2.7 at the earliest opportunity available. For this release, a simple package upgrade is required.

A complete list of changes and bug fixes is available here.

Download and installation instructions are available here.

Source files are available for download here.

Barman is developed and maintained by 2ndQuadrant and distributed under GPL v3.

For more information, please send an email to